Meet Our Board of Directors!


Roger Nielsen serves as President of the Board of Directors. In 2014, Roger began his service on The Arc Board as a Director-at-Large. He has been a faculty member for 32 years, 26 at OSU, and he is still working in the trenches. Roger has earned a PhD in Geology and is the father of a son who experiences Asperger's, which provides him with an abundance of opportunities to work with the public school system advocating on behalf of all children with challenges. Roger's current interests include fundraising, outreach and the development of programs to help young people transition to their own adult "normal" that will prepare them to play a dignified and productive role in our community. 

Mike Hoffman serves as Immediate Past President of The Arc Benton Board of Directors and current Treasurer. In January of 2014, Mike retired from the automotive service field where he worked for his entire career, including having his own auto repair shop here in Corvallis. Mike's son, Adam, lives a very happy and full life in a group home in town, and Mike and his wife Nancy know that Adam's participation in The Arc after school activities had a direct impact on his ability to make the positive transition into adulthood. Mike's commitment to The Arc Benton began in appreciation for what The Arc has done for Adam and has grown from there. He and Nancy also have chaired The Arc Giving Tree Committee since 2008.

Laurel Driskill recently retired from the Corvallis School District after teaching at the elementary level for 22 years. She enjoys volunteering at The Arc Thrift Store in Philomath a few afternoons each week and was elected to The Arc Board of Directors in July 2014 and now serves as secretary. Laurel's hobbies include bicycling, kayaking, fly-fishing and reading. She is also a Linn-Benton Master Recycler.

Robin de la Mora has served on The Arc Board of Directors since 2014. Robin has been a long-time supporter of Special Olympics and is passionate about health, fitness, and equality for all Oregonians. In 2012, Robin founded her own Supported Employment agency, Collaborative Employment Innovations (CEI), and she continues to advance competitive employment opportunities for those who experience significant disabilities. Robin brings the perspective of family member, advocate, and employment specialist.

Zel Brook served on The Arc Board of Directors for the 2014-15 year. Zel is a sought-after art instructor. She was once disqualified from USA Track and Field because of her disability and spent years challenging the ruling. Since the rules have now changed, athletes with disabilities can now apply to participate in USATF events.  Zel is a former speech Pathologist, former Chair of the Corvallis School Board and former First Citizen of Corvallis.

Terri Newby has served on The Arc Board of Directors since 2013. She works at Corvallis Family Medicine as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, an occupation she has enjoyed for 35 years. Terri and her husband, Jim, are parents to a young adult son who experiences Down syndrome and keeps them all busy with several events in Special Olympics. Terri says that the day Cody was born was the day she became an advocate for all people who experience intellectual disabilities. 

Leslie Davis Burns was elected to The Arc Board of Directors in 2015. Leslie is Professor Emeritus of Apparel Design and Merchandising at Oregon State University. She is also President and Founder of Responsible Global Fashion LLC which provides educational products and services around corporate social responsibility in the global fashion industries. Leslie also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Oregon 4-H Foundation Board. The vision and goals of The Arc align perfectly with Leslie’s desire to contribute to the community and to share her expertise in socially responsible retail merchandising.

Pamela Camfield has lived in the mid-valley since 1978, working as a Speech-Language Pathologist with local schools.

While working and raising two children, Pamela served the community and her fellow professionals for many years on the boards of Corvallis Community Children's Centers, Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and LBL ESD's Education Association, both as President and Grievance chair.

After 20 years with the Corvallis School District, she returned to LBL Education Service District's Education Evaluation and Consultation Center, spending much time in recent years specializing with students on the autism spectrum.

Since "retirement" in 2013, Pamela has worked with Philomath, Lebanon, and Alsea School Districts, as well as Oregon Connections Academy.

In her spare time, she travels, quilts, gardens, and reads.

Originally from Portland, OR, Ethan Takla is a sophomore attending Oregon State University, majoring in computer science. He has been heavily involved in robotics, cross country, and the art of music. Ethan is currently the Ability Experience Coordinator at the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, which essentially means he is in charge of everything community service related. He has a strong passion for serving others and years of leadership experience orchestrating community service events. Ethan is working on a start-up specializing in localization technologies for military/robotics/mobile applications.