Does The Arc Benton offer housing?

We own four low-income houses for people with developmental disabilities who can live independently. These units serve established residents and have rare vacancies.


Do you offer direct support?

We offer opportunities that medicaid providers often do not have the funding for, such as social activities, enhanced employment training, and enrichment classes. We do not offer direct support services.


What level of care is offered in your programs?

Our program staff are highly trained to teach, communicate, adapt, motivate and encourage. We do not offer personal care to participants (such as toileting & administering medication).


How can I pay for an activities bill?

Bills can be paid with cash or check made out to The Arc of Benton County. These payments can either be mailed to our office at, dropped off in our secure mailbox by the register inside the Corvallis thrift store, or given to admin staff during office hours.

If you have any further questions about our organizations, the programs we offer, our thrift stores or anything else, please feel free to contact us.