Recreational Guild     Programs

Our highly qualified staff and volunteers provide expert instruction in the areas of visual expression.
Access the community and maintain friendships during various activities from bowling to dinner and a movie.

Art Focus

Learn or develop painting skills and build friendships in a class setting. Then display your best work in one of The Arc's many public art shows. 

Art Shows

Sell or display your artwork at one of The Arc's openings, in our InSight Gallery or in the community.


Create and communicate with professional level staff. Practice with costumes, props and sets. Then, perform in live public shows. Hosted by Elks Lodge in Corvallis.

Lego Team

Build your latest masterpiece, and share your ideas with others who like creating with Legos.

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If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in one of The Arc's recreation programs, complete the participant profile form.

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Or call Jonah at 541-602-9225



Do you have a moment to SPARE? Meet up with friends at Highland Bowl for a fun afternoon.


"I love DramaSquad!" - Megan 
"I like The Arc, because every year they have dances [where] we can do our moves." -Robin
"My son transitioned from school to adulthood able to stay in contact with his friends through The Arc's social programs. He looks forward to the outings." -Nancy

More Than Just Fun

In addition to being fun, all of the programs are designed to:

  • Maximize independence and socialization
  • Facilitate community access
  • Support personal development
  • Increase awareness of time and tools
  • Strengthen concentration skills
  • Enhance self-esteem and self-identity
  • Inspire others

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