Resilience Traits

Studies show that people with these traits have higher resilience:

  1. A positive attitude
  2. A connection to community, including friends, church and a productive role in the workplace
  3. A connection to family and extended family with strong adult role models for children
  4. Cognitive self-regulation and impulse control
  5. High expectations
  6. A meaning for life
  7. Having goals
  8. Interpersonal problem-solving skills

The Arc Can Help With       Resilience

The Arc's Social programs foster resilience traits and provide a community connection, strong role models and a place to practice interpersonal skills. Plus, we always try to have a positive attitude. See our Activities Calendar for more Social Programs. We have new events all the time!

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Other Resources

Disability is Natural website has many helpful articles that provide strategies for more than just resilience. has a great comic series for children, teens, and adults that deal with personal safety.